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Great service is our mission, high quality is our obligation


In 2015, WHO published the guides and requirements on safe medical device used in intramuscular and intradermal injection.


wherein defining 4 themes:

(1)Reuse of injection equipment

(2)Accidental needle-stick injuries (NSIs) in healthcare workers (HCWs)

(3)Overuse of injections

(4)Unsafe sharps waste management

 WHO recommends the use of injection devices with sharps injury protection feature(SIPs), as opposed to devices without a sharps injury protection feature, by healthcare workers delivering intramuscular, subcutaneous or intradermal injectable medications to patients(Conditional recommendation, moderate quality evidence).

Therefore, we devoted ourselves to the development of safety medical products with high quality, including safety blood collection needle, safety infusion sets and safety syringes. We keep technology up-gradation and put them into pratical application.